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You have a secret? I have a secret! We all do. *Shhh*

So when I was in the usual phase of experimenting with the Earth and the species that live in it, I happen to come across this new ways of working in a relationship. It’s called “I-Don’t-Wanna-Hear-About-Your-Past-(‘Cause I hate the reasons you give to justify it)-And-I-Don’t-Have-to-Share-Everything-About-MyLife-With-You-(‘Cause I am perfect and I handle everything better than you do) 

I am confused here. Maybe ‘cause I don’t belong to the same species, but isn’t relationship all about not keeping any secrets and knowing everything about the other person, and accepting them for what they are despite their flaws and all other similar gooey stuff? At least that’s what I learnt from my previous batch of random experiments.

It is not a BIG deal, really! But it is annoying to my cerebral cortex okay?

So now I am in the hunt for answers!
Does keeping a secret from your someone make you mature?
Does not being open about everything mean that you are being better off at handling things?
Does sharing everything that happened/happens in your life, make you look like a trouble magnet with acute abilities to mess up almost everything that you are getting yourself involved with?

Answer me NOW, People of the Planet.

(Outta my mind.Great.BacktoTryingtoBeProductive, KaiBye)

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