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Somewhere in between those casual talks, I fell for you.

“So do you have a boyfriend? Back in India?” he asks.

“Yeah and No!”

He gives me a puzzling look and laughs saying, “Can you be clear in this at least. Break up, huh?”

“I liked a guy. He liked me too. But he left me for his ex. I know it is pretty rude, but please don’t tell anything like that to me straight on my face. I’m having a tough time trying to get over this and I am not ready to listen to the usual lectures about how I’m being the fool here!”, I say in a hurry. 
I decide not to narrate the entire incident to him. It is something that I’m still trying to put behind me. And this can wait. Maybe, I am weighing my thoughts whether or not this person deserves to know about my screwed up past!

Of course his curiosity didn’t stop him there and he asks, “Are you going to India now to meet him by any chance?”

“Maybe! Hey, what do you think? The guy who blocked my contacts everywhere and the one asked me never to try and reach him and expected me to take this change all in one day would want to meet me?”

“Seriously!!”, he pauses giving me a are-you-mad stare and continues to satisfy his curiosity. “Who is he? I may know him.”

“Come on, I don’t want to tell you anymore details now.”

“Okay, you don’t have to. I will get it from you later”, he says grinning.

I lose my patience, slightly getting frustrated I open my mouth to ask him to stay out of this and then I pause. In the dim light, all I could see of him was his clumsy appearance and how he never bothered about taming his hair nor trimming his beard. How could I possibly like spending time with someone, about whom I once thought making a sane conversation was never possible and always found excuses to avoid it.*What was I saying anyway?*
I slowly look away from his eyes ‘cause I didn’t want him to know that I’m staring at him for no reason. Of course why should I, when I am telling him how torn apart I am when the guy I liked left me for another. I finally gather my thoughts together and say, “I just can’t get over it!! End of Conversation!” *Wait what am I trying to get over?*

He laughs again. Coming a little closer to me he says, “Come on, everybody moves on. Would you not like another guy here? I bet you will soon”, he says with such confidence. “So quit the drama and move on fool!”

Little did I know that I am already looking at my reason to move on. I never knew that I would end up talking so much with him. But that’s who he is - A warm personality with always so much to talk whether it makes sense or not. One of the many reasons for people to like him despite his complete weirdness.

I hated him for his judgment on me. ‘Hey! You can’t ignore the truth.’  But I knew I have found myself a friend here in school, here in the new side of my world.

Somewhere in between those casual talks, I fell for you..

“So finally we met each other! I kind of got tired of our Facebook exchanges continually asking ourselves if we really study in the same school or not”, I say casually to start off with the conversation that never ceased soon.

“Yeah, took a while I know. So, do you wanna go somewhere? Some place to eat?”

“No! It’s too cold outside. And I haven’t been around much, so you would be regretting a lot if you let me choose a place.” 

It had just been a month and a half since I stepped into this place and the truth is I haven’t really made that many friends as I thought I would. Getting around with new people has never been a problem for me and I take pride in my amiable personality. But reality hit hard when I came here. People were already ganged up and it takes effort to be bothered to befriend someone new.
*On a futuristic thought: What I was unaware of then was that there would be a truckload of equally crazy nonsensical people in my life to prove how lame my conclusion was* And this is a perfect example of how life changes eventually ‘cause that’s one of the many conclusions I tend to make initially and those that doesn’t hold true later. 

“Yeah it is getting cold, so let us just go for a walk around the campus”, and he starts waking towards the school campus.All the while I was cribbing about how painful it is to walk in the cold, but now it didn’t seem to bother me anymore. It’s really true how a good company could make a lot of difference on how you can feel about certain things, even if it happened just a while ago!

We walk past the school of Engineering, the place that is always buzzing with grads and engineers spending sleepless nights on projects irrespective of what time of the day it is. ”So how’s life?” he asks. My mind switches on its usual stream of thoughts - The fact that I’ve so much to study and hell a lot of assignments to work on already, and that I also have no friends to freak out with makes my life pretty amazing. I ignore those silly sounds in my mind and decide to stick to a simpler answer.
"Good. But I miss home".  

He laughs immediately. I look at him with a raised eyebrow and wondering what is so funny about what I said. Just like he can read my mind he looks at me and says, “Everybody does. But come on, you’ll start enjoying the freedom once you find the right set of people here. Trust me I was in your place once and I went home twice since then. You can always do that too!”

“I may go this summer if I don’t get settled yet”.  I did look up for tickets to home in the endless variety of cheap flight tickets sites, and now I just need a reason to convince my parents to take me back after spending only a few months of my time here.

yayyme said: Coooool. I’d like to know what defines you ;) Flickr offers 1TB free space. Just saying ;)

Just not too proud to show what I click de :D I am happy and fine seeing others’ awesome clicks :D He he he he.. 

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